Don’t Tread on Me – Transmutation of the Snake

I stand in the radiation of the Resurrection Flames as I am comforted by Goddess of Liberty. Now that I have (finally) recorded (most of) the Liberty Code for America on video (see link at end of article), She reveals to me the next fragment of the work.

Before I stepped into my morning ritual, I had a flash to take a picture of the flag I have hanging in my closet, which I did. It must have been Goddess Liberty to flash this into my head, as the images came to life in my meditation.

I saw Goddess Liberty, with her magnificent torch, like a giant paintbrush. She stood above the United States of America, painting it with the various colors of Liberty, Freedom, and Purity. I could see that this was not a two dimensional act.

She reached THROUGH the landscape of the United States of America, painting it deeply, as if turning Her, America, inside out. Liberty’s paintbrush-torch seared the colors of America upon the soils and landmarks, shooting fireworks from every Flag upon America. These colors splashed upon the entirety of the American continents as well.

Then, She reached deep into the etheric geometry of America, and she lifted out the snake of the Gadsden Flag. “Don’t Tread on Me,” it spoke to her. She smiled and kissed it, and it coiled up her arm.

“It is through venom, we make anti-venom.”

She stood center of the country, just above Texas, and she held her Torch of Liberty high, the snake electrifying the torch as if a coil of electricity. The two geometries of torch and snake merge as one and send forth its sacrosanct medicine.

From the tip of her torch, to her feet, She blazed so bright that She disappeared. A beautiful geometry spilled across the soil of America, tilling it, uplifting it, churning it, releasing the shadows upon it, instantly evaporating them in the blazing Light of Liberty.

Liberty showed me the connection of this magic and that of a vision I had many years ago. She showed me how she uses the attainment of the Divine Alchemist of my Being, who transmuted the venom of ages past, to assist Her. She showed me that this serpent energy is encoded in certain magi who She has called forth to awaken the snake,

for snake has the power of transmutation.

We find the symbol of the serpent winding through the American colonies, weaving the earliest ideals of the new America, the ideals of Liberty and Freedom from tyrannical oppression. It is in that spirit we call upon the serpent again, to transmute modern corruption and once again weave the Liberty and Freedom back through the fabric of our American heart. It is upon the such threads of light that the Goddess of Liberty has come forth, to ensure that America WILL achieve her sovereignty, and her destiny.

Goddess Liberty enfolded me in such Gratitude and Love for being an instrument through which she might work with the Liberty Codes. She reassured my discouraged heart,

Everywhere you walk, everywhere you go, everyone you meet, you charge the shared space with my Liberty.

She kissed me a sparkler from her hand; I started weeping with Gratitude. Her radiant Love gives me the nourishment and encouragement I require to journey down this path of assisting in the resurrection of America. Though this path sometimes tests my patience, and my fortitude to my purpose, I am reminded …

that I AM but the instrument of the greater work moving through me.

May I – may we all – be victorious in igniting the Flame of Liberty in the collective American heart!

God Bless the United States of America!

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