About Me

Hi, fellow Patriot! I’m Celeste, and I am so honored that your love for American values of Truth, Honor, Liberty, and Freedom have brought us into each other’s orbit!

In 2018, Goddess of Liberty began working with my Presence directly to co-create the aural/visual/inter-dimensional geometry of the Liberty Codex, which debuted online in May of 2020 on Facebook.

The sound alchemy I’ve developed also includes inter-dimensional sound sessions to assist individuals in “liberating” energy from their system that no longer serves them. (This involves other sound structures).

When I am not “basking” in the frequencies of sacred sound, I am exercising the more practical applications of Liberty: assisting others in liberating themselves from the corporate system. This involves the employ of careful use of language and intention for a very 3-D application.

As a priestess, I work to utilize the more sublime use of language as a sacred vehicle of intention for ritual decree when opening and closing the inter-dimensional sacred space.

I also express my “priest-essence” by creating sacred space around my homestead, mindfully connecting to the elements and Nature, contemplating downloads of wisdom from Presence through writing, and alchemizing the energetic toxins around me through the use of Sacred Fire mantra.

In short – I bounce back and forth from one dimension to the other, trying to stay in tune and in balance with my surroundings from day to day, just like all the rest of you!

It is time!

Though I’m a “papered” educator, (University of Arizona, class of 2002) I am a patriotic priestess at heart! I have lingered in my private world, perfectly content to work in the background, but Source has called me to step out into public view as an Instrument of Liberty.

Today, I come to you as advocate for America.

I come to you as torchbearer.

I come with the open, hope-filled heart and offer my gifts as priestess of the Flame of Liberty.

I offer you my gifts as oracle of sacred sound technologies to liberate blockages to your gifts to life.

I come to offer all that I have learned and practiced, and continue to “download” in the form of sound geometries to manifest and co-create with you for the freedom for America, and the world.

God Bless America!