About Me

Who the heck is she? This is always the hardest to write about. A life-long learner, research junkie, and bookworm. I cringe at starting this bio with the traditional “pedigree” of education, because what I have learned and practiced most comes from being self-taught in my voracious appetite as a “Truth” seeker. But, to play nice with the traditional expectations of most members of our society….. I studied at Northern Arizona University in Environmental Science (had to change focus because my oldest daughter decided to announce herself into our lives) , but I actually graduated from University of Arizona in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, Extended English, with a Creative Writing minor.

I taught in the public school system for five years (and hope never to go back) before becoming a full time home-maker and private educator of my two daughters. Wife of 22 years to the most frank and honorable man I know, I am now mom to our four dogs and two cats (only checking in as “Mom” when my girls require – yay!).

Life-long writer of personal journals and “communicator with the ethers,” in 2011, I became a dedicated student of ancient mystery schools teachings as presented through Summit Lighthouse, St. Germaine Foundation, and the Radiant Rose Academy. In 2017, I became the 36th Magdalene initiate in the Magdalene Council of 55 of the Radiant Rose Academy. An adept of ancient mystery school practices, I found the fruits of my work beginning to take shape in the form of “priestess” when I realized that I had been working in that modality all along.

It is time!

Though perfectly content to work in the silence of my private world, Source has created a perfect storm of events so that I can no longer keep what has been coming forth from the public any longer. America is in such a tail-spin that its time to put into action all that I have learned and resuscitate the Heart of America.

Today, I come to you as advocate for America. I come to you as torchbearer. I come with the open, hope-filled heart and offer my gifts as priestess of the Flame of Liberty. I offer you my gifts as oracle of sacred sound technologies to liberate blockages to your gifts to life. I come to offer all that I have learned and practiced, and continue to “download” in the form of sound geometries to manifest and co-create with you for the freedom for America, and the world.