Holding the Flame of Liberty Through These Challenging Times

In my tenacity to “want to get to the bottom of this,” I found my attention going down a very deep and expansive labyrinth of lies that have been foisted upon the people – Operation Mockingbird, Operation Paperclip, Operation Indigo Skyfold (and more); to the slow dismantling of our Constitution’s limitations of power promised by common law toward corrupt statutory law; to the most disgusting human rights abuses by satanic persons at the highest levels of our government, finance, church, and entertainment. How did things become so evil and despotic? What can I (we) do about it? I took this deep desire to know into the Silence…

The corrupted heart. Corruption can only be created from a corrupted heart. This is THE common denominator in ALL offenses against the people. If the corruption of the heart can be reconciled, then all of the social symptoms of violence and crime will dissolve.

This nugget came to me at the beginning of a long, exploratory journey into the human experience, which I wrote about here. This explanation edified my awareness and gave me hope, but my practical Aquarian disposition wants to know what I can do about it now, in this moment?

I fall back on all that I know as a priestess – create ritual , decree, and healing chants/codes for America. In learning of the unspeakable violence against our children, I felt compelled to rewrite “America the Beautiful” AGAIN to send my love to all those children and first-responders who are/have been secretly helping them…

America the Beautiful

Oh beautiful for spacious skies

And all who live beneath,

For Freedom of the citizens

From shadow’s tyranny,

America, America remember Liberty!

Unite the land in Freedom’s plan

From Sea to shining sea!

Oh Beautiful Americans

Can you feel the call,

To stand for Truth with Liberty

Despite the circus scenes?

America, America we sing this song for you!

Take up the Flame of LIberty

And blaze It far and wide!

Oh beautiful Samaritans

Can you see their eyes?

The children from the depths below

Require our tenderness.

America, America unite to set them free!

Take up the love with in our hearts

And heal their maladies!

At first, I thought that singing this song as I play my bowl was simply a way for me to process the darkness of which I was exposing myself, but now, I realize that this song, too, creates healing frequencies for our country, and for those children. [Please brace yourself to view one article (of many) with photo here]

Deep breath!

Desperate fear can only be dissolved in Love. By using my electromagnetic field of loving intention and blending it with the 432hz sound frequency, I access the unified field and assist all who I focus upon, especially the children. I am so grateful.

My exploration of the dark agenda and my continued application of the Liberty Codes on a regular basis signaled my readiness for an initiation that I could not see coming, an initiation that would open me up to a whole new understanding of what it means to be free…

After returning from a trip in California, I received a very clear message: SELL THE HOUSE. I never ignore clear messages like this, so I made the necessary preparations to take out personal loans to put toward the home improvements that we never got around to doing. This started a perfect storm of events that would lead me to learning about Uniform Commercial Code and Secured Party Status (SPS).

To make a long story short, the income I used to qualify for 50K+ worth of loans completely evaporated literally two weeks after I deposited my funds into my account. Needless to say I needed to sell my house quickly! Well, the house sat unnoticed for an entire month! Only one person inquired after all that work! Thank God I had set money aside to make payments on those loans! Not long after my husband returned to his base, we got news that his contract was coming to an end in the next few weeks. We were really in a pressure cooker!

The stress had hit me hard, and took me into a battle of fear that I didn’t anticipate, described here. My friend recognized my angst and offered me some Reiki to relieve the tremors of stress stemming from my root. This greatly helped me energetically, but little did I know I would be helped practically as well. While there, I met a dear friend who helped me regain my bearings over the situation.

Bob listened to me pour my heart out about our financial troubles and began explaining to me that there was a way out of my mess through a legal process that would include becoming a “sovereign” American through the use of instruments.

Now, there is no way that Bob could have known that I work with Goddess of Liberty to hold the Liberty (sound) Codes for America. When he used the words “instrument” and “liberate” in his description, it didn’t take long for me to realize that my whole situation was orchestrated so that I might become desperate enough to be at that place, at that time, to meet this person, to learn this process. I had been calling for months to become an Instrument of Liberty, and now, I have LITERALLY been shown a way to do so!

Here I am, several months later, and much the wiser about the process. I am ever so grateful for the “ready signal” that was sent to my Presence for the next initiation into my journey toward expanding my advocacy for America. There is still much to learn about law codes that validate the instruments, but I am ever ready to learn more. I have never felt so empowered as an American! We are witnessing the old system crumbling before us. Those of us armed with a sovereign status will be the first upon which the common-law Republic will be rebuilt once again!

I see now that this SPS process is part of my work to help more people in freeing themselves from the “invisible enemy” in our US corporate system. For, how could I truly be an Instrument of Liberty if I was secretly in bondage? It’s all so clear!

I see that my inner Priestess is being called to weave the sacred spirituality of the Liberty Codes with this very important SPS process, especially in these times of overreaching government policy dictating our lives. It is time for America to return to the Constitutional Republic she was born to exemplify for the world!

If you would like to know more about becoming a Sovereign American to hold the Flame of Liberty in spirit AND as a living, breathing flesh-and-blood (wo)man in the eyes of the government, please reach out to me here or leave a comment below. It would expand my heart flame to share it with you!

I will be expanding this website in the coming weeks to showcase more menu pages of information about the Secured Party Status, so keep a look out for more to come.

Don’t let masks and social distancing get the better of you 😷 Don’t let the inflated stats on COVID-19 knock the wind out of you. 🥴 Don’t let the threat of foreclosure hover over you like a dark shadow! Become an empowered American and ignite that Flame of Liberty 🗽 in your heart to overcome these challenging times!

All my Love, your Patriotic Priestess,