The Deepest Wound

The deepest divide our country has ever faced in modern times is playing out right before us in these impeachment hearings.

The absolute hatred and disdain the far left Democrats have for the president oozes from all the behavior they’ve exemplified throughout Trump’s presidency.

As evidenced in the Jan 20, 2017 Washington Post article, ” The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun” the Democrats have had plans to impeach the newly inaugurated president. From the onset, they have tried in varying ways to impede Trumps presidency – from the lengthy FISA abuses in the “Russia collusion” investigations (; to the biased media coverage of sexual misconduct allegations against Trump’s SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavenaugh (; to the way one must really DIG to find any balanced news coverage of conservative perspectives on Google; to the unfair media coverage of information on the major networks (ABC, NBC, CNN); to elusive charges for the current impeachment proceedings of the “quid pro quo;” to the illegal release the phone records of Representative Devin Nunez ( – an astute observer can clearly see the blatant lack of justice and disregard for American civil liberties exercised by the Democratic leadership of Schiff and Pelosi against Trump.

Though there is no one on this planet unblemished by the misjudgments of his/her past – and Trump is no exception – the lengths that the DNC has taken against the president has been unprecedented to the extreme.

Watching the testimony on December 3 of the four “expert witnesses” take place we see the dangers of how the fervent, opinion-based, heated emotions have taken control over sensibility and reason in the DNC. These witnesses are “academic scholars” rather than direct participants to the call in question, framing their opinions on interpretations of what they think the Founding Fathers meant when they wrote provisions.

Three of the four witnesses assert that Trump abused his power as president and that is an impeachable act; but Johnathan Turley asserted there was no actual law broken and the impeachment process was moving too fast and narrow to have any real credibility ( When Representative Matt Gaetz asked these witnesses if they had first hand material facts upon which to base their testimony, not even one could raise a hand ( ) This is just one of the many examples of the irrationality and raw disdain gone awry in our government. This showdown is but a microcosm of the macrocosm of what has been formulating for decades.

Of all these experts, the one who most personified the abject hatred of the president as a whole was Dr. Pamela Karlan, who for most of her testimony was spewing out fiery hatred of Trump in her responses, even going so far as to direct her disdain toward his son, Baron ( Noah Feldman and Michael Gerhardt were less heated, but held their predetermined conclusions about Trump’s alleged abuse of power unwaveringly. To form opinions on interpretive beliefs steeped in hatred and disdain for the president, this is the “wafer thin” body of testimonial evidence before Congress against the president. This is the desperation that continues to drive the division in our country.

If you have been triggered in any way by my report so far, dear reader, I implore you to please continue reading, for it is time to set aside opinions and beliefs and find common ground. This article attempts this by looking deeper into the energetic causes of all that divides us.

This division. This deep rooted hatred. This is the deepest wound that I refer to. From where does it all source?

To look through the lens of the heart, the collective heart of the people, that is where we must begin. And to finally escalate the embers within, we will need to unearth a conglomeration of elements that has buried the Flame of Liberty in the American heart.

So what is the impetus of such disdain? Such division? Where did it all begin for us Americans? To look back at our history, one can see we are a people who have marinated in the energies of war since our inception.

From the War of Independence from England to the Civil War (and all the smaller wars and battles in between) to the Great World Wars, Korean, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, our American psyche has been under siege by the machine of war, and it is no wonder that this warring energy has infiltrated the political exchanges between opposing parties.

The ancient momentum of this war machine, from national to global, has created a body of energy that has taken on an awareness of its own, and seeks to hijack the unaware in its invisible net of insanity.

No longer can we easily identify the murderous villain as the “Romans,” “Nazis” or the “Viet Cong.” Like a mutating virus, this dark mass of war energy has spread – borderless and boundless – into the terrorism within the United States and the world. This is most clearly expressed in endless wars in the Middle East, and more domestically, the chronic, psychotic shootings we endure across our country.

From Columbine High School, Colorado to Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas; from 9-11 to Oklahoma City, and more, this far-reaching shadow of insane warring energy expresses without needing the official declaration of a national war against another country.

This warring energy takes no rest, attacking people year-round in violent shootings in the streets of various cities, to the very way we have heated interpersonal exchanges, shooting bullets of hatred with our words and energy – THIS is the source of all that divides us as Americans. As humans.

So, to first identify the nature of our wound, we must examine the possible causes of warring energy in order to heal it.

As in all things typical of human nature, to follow the lines back to the source of this “warring energetic” we must think of who – or what – thrives off of this energy. Who/what feeds off of it? Requires it for survival? And therefore perpetuates the conditions in which keep this warring energy robust? To answer these questions for our nations, we must first look to the individual human nature, for the individual consciousness and the collective consciousness create symbiotically the culture in which we live.

The dualistic nature of our world allows us to categorize individuals into two basic groups: those who are fulfilled through service-to-self, and those who are fulfilled through service-to-others ( I’ve borrowed these two fitting labels from transmissions of “The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine,” Magenta Pixie). It is the most base expression of service-to-self that energetically creates this shadow body of warring energy to which I refer.

The core of service-to-self individuals expresses the basest emotional energetics, such as fear and hatred, and all other associated feelings (lack, envy, jealousy etc.). Fear is the common element in all the different expressions of service-to-self behaviors; power-lust and greed, hatred towards another, these emotional frameworks stem from a core fear of not having enough or not being good enough. A vicious cycle begins once caught in the spiral of fear.

The longer one steeps in fear-based emotions, the harder it is for one to spin free of its momentum, for the altered-ego, and other similar entities, begin to chime in with lies and half-truths that keep one stuck in a feedback loop of this fear-based trap. Soon, fear and anger turn to hatred, and together they fuel the volatile fires of this warring energy. So, why would these base emotions be so important to this warring energy? Because without the extremes of these base emotions, the warring energy couldn’t exist.

It is the collective contribution of the basest forms of service-to-self, fear-based emotions that actually form the energetic body of this warring energy.

Emotions, being magnetic in nature, actually affect and create the landscape in which we experience our world individually and collectively. Our collective consciousness creates the cultures in which we live while our individual consciousness’s agree to contribute to these cultures, and therefore, we create them into existence. The magnetic nature of these emotions/thoughts tend to attract (or repel) into our lives those who agree (or disagree) with us. In other words, we attract those who are an energetic match to our magnetic field, and vice versa. This creative nature of our emotional/mental bodies (both contribute to one another), do more than just create the cultures of our daily lives, however.

Think of our negative thoughts and emotions as waves of magnetism that we both emit and receive. These waves then radiate out and attach to other “like” particle waves, and in this way we perpetuate and grow the warring energetic. So, the more individuals caught in the receiving/transmitting energy strands of this shadow body, the more this mass grows, nationally and globally. Consequentially, it accumulates more momentum and power creating an energetic monster that infects the minds and hearts of people who unknowingly contribute to its existence. This feedback loop continues and continues, growing all around us, undetected by those caught in its wake.

Having gone unchecked for millennia, the momentum of collective energetics of our basest emotions and thoughts has created this sinister force, which has gathered into a shadow-body that now has a limited (borrowed) intelligence of its own. This shadow-body, like any other entity, seeks to exist and grow. The composition of this shadow mass, however, consists of the magnetic particles of fear and hatred , so in order to exist, it must create fear-drenched conditions in which to thrive.

Those who have been trapped in the energetics of this shadow body the longest have now steeped in this energy enough to be considered evil-doers. These evil-doers become the pawns of this shadow mass, and they are the ones that create the financial and political conditions in our (every) nation that keep us in a chaotic state of fear. From violent ANTIFA protests, to the hijacking of sacred texts in religion, to glamorization of violence in movies/television/video games, to the financial slave system that keeps us in a state of worry and fear, these service-to-self individuals create conditions that keep the cogs in the system well-greased with the fluids of our individual fears.

Though most of us may go through our lives unaware of these energetic influences, our collective consciousness has been trying to signal to us the existence of this shadow mass through the manner of storytelling. Through character and personification, we have given form to this formless shadow mass in two classic monsters in our collective body of imagined creatures : vampires and zombies.

A creature of the dark and shadows, a vampire requires the life force of human blood to survive because it no longer lives. It no longer pumps the warmth of a living heart through its body, so it must feed on the living blood of another, never truly satisfying its thirst. This undead creature shares similar characteristics to that of the zombie. As an undead creature, a zombie infects the unsuspecting victim with a bite from its diseased, rotten frame. Both these imagined creatures surprisingly exemplify more truth than fiction than one may realize.

It is no mistake that these characters have been created in our stories, for there is a recognition that something unnatural has taken the average person hostage and our natural creative genius has created these characters to personify this, as if trying to signal to us into awareness.

So, what do these creatures have to do with our national climate right now?

I’m sure there have been times, dear reader, that you have experienced an exchange with another that left you completely depleted? That person or situation you’ve dealt with became an energy vampire upon you, attempting to steal your life force because it can no longer create a life force – light- of its own. Similarly, the zombie – the dead, crazed, insane diseased creature of horror stories also exists; the infection of this creature is much less noticeable, however.

The disease-spread of this energetic zombie comes in the form of the mass cultural conditions created by the evil-doers – pop culture, news, movies, music, food, medicine, etc. Exposed to these toxic contaminants for long enough, the unsuspecting person will become psychologically eroded into an undead creature, following around the other zombies and attacking others upon which to feed and spread the disease. The spread of this insane zombie-disease perpetuates the abject fear and hatred for which the shadow-body continues to grow, spread, and feed.

No longer focalizing in a great world war, the shadow-beast has mutated a clever camouflage within all countries, as violence and terrorism. This “nation less” mutation of this energetic mass has made it more powerful and elusive. It is this “”virus” of energy, this insane zombie-disease of rabid hatred, this energy-sucking amorphous sinister force that has lashed its whip upon the psyche of the American people and cut the deepest wound.

This wound evidences itself in the clear division of the people over the Trump presidency, and it is this very confusion and division and rabid exchange that continues to feed the collective life-sucking beast. This “divide and conquer” tactic is just another tool of this warring energy, for a divided people causes the chaos that the shadow beast moves through to grow.

So, where does that leave us? How does this perspective help solve the cause to our wounded American heart?

Taking pause to ponder this sharing may give some illumination to the situation, and if it does, then awareness is the first step in recognizing the problem. We can then evaluate how we personally are contributing to the collective shadow-body that holds our country hostage.

We can reclaim our own personal power to STOP feeding it. This is the first step to starving it, and eventually healing this national wound. Recognizing how much we personally contribute to this warring energetic through our feelings, thoughts, and behaviors is the first phase in culturally contributing to the solution.

If division and chaos is exactly what is feeding this beast, then unity and peace must be the logical solution toward starving it, and healing this wound. But how do we do that without getting so livid at the oppositions opinions and beliefs?

We take opinions and beliefs out of the equation.

We disengage from the opinions and beliefs that feed our own need to be right, that feed our own fearful egos (connected to the collective beast) and step into the silence of our heart.

We slip into the deepest recesses of our Soul that show us our own connectedness and contribution to the whole. We unearth the conglomeration of fear that buries our own shadow self. We do our personal work to heal this altered-ego and quiet the insanity of beliefs and opinions that perpetuate division. We disengage from the magnetic pull that traps us in fear by growing the magnetic field of gratitude and love in our hearts. We nurture that tiny ember of love into a spark that we forgot we had. We return regularly to this spark and fan it into a flame.

It is our individual flames, our individual love-lights that will begin to shine and join other lights. This illumination will reveal the deception and lies of the systems that keep us in bondage to the energetic life-sucking beast.

We create a critical mass by sharing our love-light with others without feeling a need “to be right” and agree to disagree. We rediscover our love for our country and begin at those places where we can agree, and begin again. We grow our love for the tenets of the Constitution, for the Republic of the Unites States of America, into a collective flame that will set Her ablaze with hearts of Liberty and Freedom.

Charged with the magnetism of Peace, Love, and Unity, we can heal the deepest wound upon our American heart by re-membering the ultimate truth about our nature: that we are divine, creative beings, and we no longer allow the hidden influences of the sinister force to affect our reality.