Hearts Ignited!

Until the role of the luminosity of the heart’s Fire is realized, the ugly formations of Earthly hierarchal ladders will not disappear from life…the Wisdom of the Fiery Heart cannot be replaced with any knowledge obtained on the Earth, for it comes from Heaven and reveals the crown of Truth”

Zinova Dushkova

A note from Lady Liberty:

Oh Beloved Americans, I come to you with a fiery heart ablaze with the Flames of Liberty. Let not the circus of the outer world drag you down, for, together, we can spark, ignite, fan, and set ablaze the fiery love within us and neutralize the conditions of the current state of affairs. When we come together with a united purpose and set that purpose unto the ethers on the bands of sound geometries, we can bring down the walls of Jericho!

This takes but a moment, to light a candle with your loving intention for America. Let the candle be your beacon to Liberty, and , if its your heart’s desire, I will come to you and liberate the latent gifts in your hearts. Join me in singing America free, and we will ignite the heart of the world!

Enjoy the the rewritten song, “America, the Beautiful” as “Beautiful Americans” and let it sink into your American heart. There, it will drop the seed of Hope. The Fire of Liberty will warm that seed into a mighty bloom, and the healing of the American heart can begin!

You will recognize the original tune and verse, but the later verses have been updated for this higher purpose. May you enjoy a rewritten song as we rewrite our American course.

Here is a link to the song https://youtu.be/up1Mg_uSS3U The rewritten words appear after the original version, making an extended song to honor the original intent, but amend it with new purpose.

“Beautiful Americans”

Oh Beautiful for spacious skies,

for amber waves of grain

for purple mountains majesty

above the fruited plains

America! America!

God shed Her Grace on Thee!

And crowned thy good in brotherhood

from see to shining sea!

Oh beautiful for spacious skies

for all who live beneath

for freedom of the citizens

from Shadows tyranny

America! America!

Remember Liberty!

Unite the land in freedom’s plan

From see to shining sea!

Oh Beautiful Americans!

Can you feel the call?

To stand for Truth with Liberty?

Despite the circus scenes?

America! America!

We sing this song for you!

Take up the love within our hearts

and heal your maladies!