The Liberty Codex is a sound architecture that holds the geometry of the Liberty Flame for America. It comprises three parts: the visual geometry, the sound geometry, and the Will geometry.

Visual geometry of the Codex is represented in the fabric construct of “The Blessings of Liberty.” This piece came through and integrated with the sound codes as a wholistic work. This synergy linked with my Presence during the creative process, which lends the Will frequency.

Today, the visual geometry has fully integrated with the sound geometry in the quantum field.

Sound geometry of the Codex is three-fold. It consists of the 432hz sound field created by the crystal bowl and grail, the language used in the chants and decrees, and the integration of voice. Together they create the sound geometry component which sets the groundwork for the frequency of Liberty to anchor the Liberty Flame.

“Will” component of the Codex consists of the intentions and visualizations of those who participate in the chants and meditations. The Goddess of Liberty blends Her frequency of Liberty with our collective love of America and amplifies this patriotic version of Love and charges It into the sound architecture.

Without our collective Love and Will, the Liberty Codex would be just an empty container, waiting to be filled.

This is the formula for co-creation, the sequence to create a space for the pure essence of Liberty to be resurrected on this planet – to be resurrected as the Liberty Flame!

Will you lend your Love and Intentions?

Will you led your visualizations for America’s sovereign destiny to be fulfilled?

America awaits your Will, Patriot!

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