Patriot Highlights

Higher Dimensional Help

St. Germain – Master of the Violet Flame of Freedom

St. Germain has been an ever-present advocate for America since its birth. His Violet Flame returned to the earth in the 1930’s with the original I AM Teachings of the St. Germain Foundation. He is the divine inspiration and architect for NESARA that will bring Freedom back to the people. I have worked closely with St. Germain and the Violet Flame to so pave the way for the Liberty Codes.

The Goddess of Liberty

The Goddess of Liberty comes forth as the Mother’s Presence for America. She sings the song of Resurrection for America to rise to her sovereignty. Like a mother who tends to the needs of her injured child, she gathers her fallen child in her arms and bandages the wounds upon the American Dream with a song. I have worked intimately with this beautiful goddess in co-creating the sound construct to hold the seed of the Liberty Flame for America.

This image is the property of Radiant Rose Academy.

White Buffalo Calf Woman

White Buffalo Calf Woman lends her energy to the spirit of the Liberty Codes as representative of the Native Peoples of the Americas. She conveys their collective voice and intentions for a unified heart.

Angel on Whose Crown Spells UNION

This is the angel that appeared before George Washington and encouraged him to continue his trek across the Patomic River. The energy of this angel is one of many who overlights the Liberty Codes.

This artwork is the creation of Jon McNaughton. Please see this work at

Angel of American Liberty

This angel emerged from the Liberty Codes and works to purify America and to plant the seeds of the Liberty Flame across the world!

Founding Fathers and Past Presidents

The energetic of pure patriotism of the Founding Fathers has worked with my consciousness to help compose the language of the Opening and Closing Decrees of the various Meditations. The spirits of Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy have also used their attainment of having held the Office of President of the United States of America to work with the Liberty Codes as well.

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