Personal Sovereignty – the Real Revolution

What if this whole “Q movement” is a ploy?

This feeling would float in and out of my mind whenever I would see something contrary to “the plan.” I mean, why haven’t mass arrests been made publicly? And why the heck is that imposter signing all these executive orders on blank paper but flying on Air Force1? Why hasn’t “the best is yet to come” happened yet? Ugh! Things just aren’t adding up!

Calm down, evaluate it as a whole.

Then, I would pause and reevaluate all that I’ve seen/read/heard. I allow the whole to percolate through my intellect and my heart…

I could feel this stirring quake about to take place. I could feel the rumblings of the birth of a new America. I could hear the Star Spangled Banner playing in the distance.

Then – Cut!

What’s this reliance on a mysterious “plan?

This powerful rumble quieted to a whimper.

Relying on integral players in this “game of chess” to stay uncorrupted… relying on others who are “in-the-know” to fulfill their missions… this reliance on something outside of me to “save us” created a disharmonic in my Being.

I know that the mission to free humanity from the many bonds of enslavement is a monumental task, but to rely on others as our “saviors” perpetuates the conditions that began our enslavement in the first place.

The movement to eliminate the darkest evil in the world is a monstrous task. We must not only eradicate this evil , but also ensure that we never allow it to abide on this planet again. To ensure this, every single area touched by this corruption – politics, finance, religion, pharma, media, education, agriculture, military, pop-culture – must be purged. This purge has been taking place for decades, and it is now coming to a crescendo. We will see if the climax we patriots desire will end in a bang or in a whimper… Regardless of how the movie plays out, though, you and I still have an integral role in the resolution. To understand this, we must examine our roles more completely.

We – humanity as a whole – are the ones who have created the environment for which the evil could grow.

Through our trusting nature and ignorance, our allowance (will) has been hijacked to create the climate through which these dark entities can exert their power over us.

They stay in power by those who continue to ignorantly succumb to the lies (mind control) they perpetrate. These subhuman entities need our acquiescence to stay in power because , unlike us, they are parasitic and can not create the ideal conditions they need to thrive on their own. They stay in power through the complacency of laziness.

These parasitic creatures have created an entire system designed to keep us ignorant of the shackles that enslave us – from the bonding of our birth certificates; to the debt slavery of usury; to the horrific, despicable market for baby parts on the guise of a woman’s “freedom of choice.” This system stays intact through our ignorance of the system, for “the best kind of slave is one who doesn’t realize he is a slave” (Gothe). We are only complicit, however, because the whole system has been built on lies. To dismantle it will take a thirst for Truth.

Such an intricate system of enslavement requires a methodical and precise dismantling, however, so not to further empower the cabal. This surgical approach allows other less-astute sleepers to awaken to their surroundings at a pace that does not reinforce the very gullible complicitness that keeps the power structure intact. We must give others time to awaken so that they, too, can stop feeding the construct. The more time the cabal has to expose its evil publicly, the more people who have not been awake will see them for who they are. Though we still find ourselves in the thick of it all right now, we have come a long way. We have come this far in revealing the evil because we called for it.

Collectively as a race, we have – whether consciously or not – called for this to happen. The Love, Honor, Justice, Respect, Truth – the qualities of the quintessential substance of our divine nature alit within our heart – bellowed out to the Supreme Being for intercession. Even if we had no knowledge of the atrocities against humanity occurring right beneath our noses, our collective Soul Matrix can not abide such suffering – such depravity – to our brethren. This is why intercession has come. These qualities burned in the hearts of those who first learned of these atrocities and , thankfully, initiated our movement toward Liberty from the cabal. The work is not over, however, and there is still much to do.

Great strides have been made by men and women of integrity who have been turning the machinations to dismantle the corruption, but we can not give away our power and become complacent in “trusting the plan.” There is a danger in trusting “a plan” or “a savior” to save us, especially if there is yet another dark player stringing along the well-intentioned patriots.

What if there is another dark player who is pulling our strings?

Well, even considering this thought disempowers that possibility, for it allows us to make arrangements to address it. Being open in this way expands our awareness for further empowerment.

Awareness is empowerment, and that empowerment leads to our innate sovereignty. Once we think/act/emote from such a place of sovereign awareness, then we empower ourselves to deliberately create the conditions of which we choose to experience. So, let’s entertain the idea that the patriots may be playing into a trap. Well, simply acknowledging the possibility eliminates half the equation of its existence.

The trap – or anything of substantive density in this world – has two components. The only way it can exist is if 1) we don’t know it exists and 2) we allow it to exist. Well, simply considering the possibility that it might exist neutralizes the first component. The second component of the equation requires our allowance – our consent – for it to exist. Well, how do we eliminate the second part?

We withdraw our consent.

This is only the first step.

We must not only withdraw our consent to the possibility of any corrupt infiltration, but we must also qualify what we desire to exist in place of it.

Doing this leaves no space for the possibility of evil to return. This work, however, requires nearly ALL of us to choose this collectively. This can’t happen if too many are still asleep. 

This work is also not work we can hand over to any “saviors.” It is work we must do ourselves, not just through traditional prayer, but through the power of intention and decree. The Liberty Codes help us do just that. 

Participating in the decrees and lending your love and will to the Liberty Codes create an architecture to contain the most purified essence of patriotism Americans can offer – that of the Liberty Flame.

The more we anchor the Liberty Flame on this planet through our collective will and intention, the less space there is for anything that is NOT Liberty to exist. Once Liberty is permanently secured, She will birth Freedom in her place. Without Liberty, there is no Freedom.

Our love and intentions for Liberty in America are amplified in the Liberty Codes. This love of America will literally entrain the very particles in the atmosphere around us to vibrate with the frequency of Liberty. Like multiple clocks on a wall that synchronize with each other, these particles charged with Liberty will lift the lies from the minds of others and trigger them to awaken from their slumber. Even more importantly, The sound geometry of the codex penetrates the dimensions of time-space to become a portal chamber for the living, breathing essence of Liberty to coalesce into existence.

So, if you began this article with a deflated sense of purpose in this whole patriotic movement, I hope you end it by realizing that you have an active role in creating the conditions of Freedom for America. Not by militant means, but through means of your intention.

Let me clarify “intention.” I don’t speak of prayers that come from a place of seeing yourself as powerless or “less-than.” It’s ok to ask for assistance from the Higher Realms, but this has its limitations if you perceive yourself this way. (We are all at different degrees of Soul discovery, so If you can’t completely feel this knowing within you yet, then stay with the traditional prayer calls. Either way, taking time to enter into a love frequency disengages the frequency of fear, and neutralizes evil.) Ultimately we have to tap into our own personal divine power. 

Step into your power by focusing on that  Sacred Fire Flame of your heart. Speak from that place of knowing that you are a Diving Being (this is a place beyond human ego). Command your Will to withdraw consent from all evil and demand that Liberty, Justice, Truth, and Freedom take its place. Making space for a reality full of love-light diminishes fear-shadow. This can only begin within each of our individual hearts.

The more of us who do this, the more powerful our collective consciousness becomes for the ultimate overthrow of evil. This will create that energetic “quake” to roll through the dimensions and overturn the shadows into the light.

The birthing of a new America will take ALL of us to deliver. You don’t have to be an insider of the “plan” (whatever that is) to be a revolutionary. Being a courageous seeker of truth, despite the whirlwind of lies, and using that to empower your will to decide the America you wish to live in, well that is the REAL revolution. 



Yet another attack against our collective American Heart! I will try to create another account on Rumble. I was going to end this with a link to the event, but unfortunately, I can not yet. To be continued….