Fueling the Flame of Liberty with an Authentic Heart

I received an email from a dear friend, aghast at a newsletter she received from a spiritual group she values. The author of this newsletter reports that the “Company of Heaven” claims “participants” (referring to Trump supporters) in the “catastrophic insurrection of January 6” were manipulated by “mind control.”

The newsletter further asserts “For many more the illusion and manipulation occurred when they allowed conspiracy theorists to program their minds with a cult like consciousness. These theorists filled their thoughts with bizarre and erroneous beliefs that indicated Donald Trump was somehow our savior and would rid the United States of America from all evil. This belief was perpetuated in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.” Needless to say, this was quite upsetting and shocking for my friend, who has traveled down the rabbit-hole-of-deception as deeply as I have. Receiving the email this morning was the perfect indication it was time to make a post here.

A proper response to my friend’s concern is two-fold – addressing the topic of “spiritual narcissism” and the topic of “spiritual authenticity.”

I have experienced first-hand the smack of “spiritual narcissism” from both individuals and organizations. I define “spiritual narcissism” as: a condition of unknowingly becoming arrogant or complacent in one’s spiritual practice to behave or perform in a way that omits the contribution of intellectual credence of factual evidence; the use of spiritual language to conceal underlying/limited egocentric intentions or opinions; the neglectful practice of a spiritual messenger/organization to claim a message sourced from higher realms that are not entirely based in factual truth.

Truth. Truth is the sticking point.

According to Hermetic philosophy, Truth is like temperature; it has varying degrees. I imagine a barometer measured with the steely mercury of facts surrounded by the liquid of individual subjectivity. Truth can’t be so “spiritually subjective,” however, to completely ignore the weight of FACTS. Without facts, truth loses its value. Without its subjectivity, however, it loses its universal application to awaken hearts and strengthen convictions.

The ultimate barometer of one’s personal truth can only be gaged in one’s heart, but to ignore the intellectual contributions of facts within one’s measurement of that truth is to undermine authentic wisdom. No matter how flowery or flattering a spiritual message can be, if it completely disregards facts then the message is flawed and not likely sourced from “all knowing” beings.

If the message were purely from “all knowing beings” wouldn’t they know of all of the lengths to which the dark forces have gone to hide the undeniable FACTS of their evil deeds? The 1871 installation of the United States Inc. in place of the Republic for the united States? The mountains of evidence of pedophilia, child torture, and adrenochrome use among the elites in power? The deceitful practices of corrupt attorneys, judges, and politicians in the justice system ? The deceitful practices of bankers and adhesion contracts that financially enslave people? Do these Beings/messengers not see the malcontent and silencing of all the media outlets toward the people who question the current state of affairs? Even my limited human mind can connect the dots. To ignore the existence of such depravity reveals the quality of both the message and the messenger(s).

Spiritual/New Age individuals or organizations tend to “levitate above” without taking those deep dives into the darkness, which is a great disservice to the individual and those of the organization. In neglecting such digs, the messages are limited to the ignorance of the human delivering the message. I use discernment in all “enlightened” messages I hear, for ultimately these messages must come through a human conduit, and if that individual is not doing his/her due diligence in seeking truth, or even purifying oneself from the influences of his/her ego, then rest assured the message will be a tainted one.

I will even go out on a limb here and suggest that maybe the messenger(s) have been unknowingly infiltrated by such sinister forces to manipulate the “enlightened” audiences. This is not a new tactic by the nefarious ones, who have hijacked many powerful symbols of sacred texts and practices and infused them with their own dark agenda. I have personally witnessed the shift and decline of spiritual messengers who seem to have been infiltrated by dark entities; simply feeling their energetics and seeing the eerie gleen in their eyes sounded my internal alarms.

These alarms sound when something is out of resonance with our Soul, our connection to our Presence. These alarms keep us on the path of discovery to our authentic gifts to life, blessings of our Presence to the world. They protect us from harm. To ignore such warnings makes us vulnerable to doubt and hinders our discovery of our own unique contributions as Lightworkers. Not honoring these alarms of our wisdom and intuition undermines all the progress we have made in personal discovery and spiritual truth.

If we as spiritual Truthers have been diligent in our own shadow work in healing ego, and have been brave enough to delve into the ugly, dark truth of our current cultural climate, we will be able to cull the valuable parts of a message from the parts that are still influenced by human ego. If we percolate information through the moral compass of our heart-mind, we can stay in alignment with our spiritual authenticity. In applying this to the newsletter excerpt , we can cull a valuable part of the message.

“These theorists filled their thoughts with bizarre and erroneous beliefs that indicated Donald Trump was somehow our savior and would rid the United States of America from all evil.” Though this passage is meant to criticize the “conspiracy theorists,” to idolize Donald Trump in a messiah-like way is foolish. The effort to disengage the American Republic from the clutches of the United States corporation is a plan decades in the making; it has taken thousands of people to implement. Furthermore, usurping the U.S. Inc. has global ramifications that positively affect all the economic and political systems of more than 200 nations. This is why the resistance against the movement is so vicious against liberating the republic.

Dismantling the mass of intertwined tentacles of evil corruption in America and around the world – from the highest echelons of society to the subterranian passageways beneath the Earth – is a fluid work of anonymous patriots at every level. Though a large personality like Trump needs to be at the forefront for the rebirth of our nation to take place, the ultimate success of this endeavor depends on the countless truthers and patriots who value Liberty, Freedom, and Truth. The resurrection of the true American Republic is not solely in the hands of those in-the-know of the grand plan, but all of us.

The corrupt system that has kept Americans and all Earth inhabitants enslaved in their legal trickery and secret satanic spell will not simply slink off without a fight. Those who are still fast asleep to this deception unknowingly contribute to this corruption through their willful acquiescence. It is this very ignorant allowance that continues to fuel the corrupt evil system.

This is why we are seeing social media platforms suffocate conservative voices that challenge the socialist-communist propaganda. It has nothing to do with concern for the safety of the people; if so, then why does Twitter still publish child porn while deleting the accounts of conservative voices? This is why we saw attacks on President Trump on the main stream news outlets – to control the narrative so to have the (allowance) will of the people consent to their socialist-communist rule. To secure the will of the people in this way ensures their endurance.

Quite simply, it all boils down to the consent of We the People. In law and commerce, to not take action is an action of consent. So what role do you play in this clandestine war? What action or inaction are you exercising? Have you believed these “messengers” without using your well-oiled machinery of discernment? Are you a “conspiracy theorist” or a “socialist sympathizer”? A conspiracy theory is only a theory if it can’t be proven with facts. The facts are there, one need only dig for the truth.

Eager “truthers” and Trump supporters had a sad day on January 20th, as they painfully watched the swearing in of Biden to the presidential office, but this “necessary evil” was not without its gift to the patriots.

Witnessing the (fake) inauguration of Biden into the defunct, bankrupt USA Inc. offered a valuable gift to we patriots: Stop deifying Trump and step into your own personal power! Do your part. Exercise your Will!

Reconcile your Will to that of your I AM Presence and decree your Will for America! Align your Will to the principles we value as Americans – Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Truth, Justice, and the American Way. Brave the ugly facts the system tries to hide to reveal the Truth. Withdraw your consent to all corruption in America, and hold your patriotic torch high and ignite the Flame of Liberty with your authentic love for the Republic of America.

With an authentic love for Liberty and Freedom, I offer decrees one might vocalize to exercise his/her will. I also have recordings of live online gatherings of the Liberty Codes, a guided meditation within inter-dimensional sound architecture charged with our love for American Liberty. I invite you to visit the page if you are called to do so.

May the Flame of Liberty never extinguish in your heart and be an ever-present value upon the landscape of our collective American heart.