Commanding Cosmic Witness: Calling Upon the Higher Realms to Honor the Will of the American People

Though sudden circumstances kept popping up to keep me from posting this earlier, I decided to post it nonetheless….

As the upcoming presidential election finalizes its ballot entries on Tuesday, I am compelled to command the intercession of the Angelic, Ancestral, Ascended and Cosmic Beings to witness the will of We The People.

Many may feel like they don’t want to participate in a sham voting process. You may be one of these people. You may feel like you don’t want to pretend like we don’t have a say in who becomes the next president. You may feel like the President is already selected by an elite few, and so our vote doesn’t matter anyway.

To this I say –

Don’t let anyone disempower your voice.

Whether the process is a “sham” or the President is “preselected” matters not in the Higher Realms. To disenfranchise yourself from a basic democratic exercise allows corruption to continue. I will not consent to anyone taking my voice away. My vote is an extension of my voice, and I will not be silenced into acquiescing to power structures that seek to continue “business as usual.”

The sinister forces of the Deep State do not care about your LIFE, but they DO care about your VOTE.

Your vote IS an extension of your WILL (allowance) and they NEED it to continue to operate, continue to enslave us into the matrix. Like all the vampiric structures that deplete us, the dark hats also feed off our permission to keep them operating.

I, for one, withdraw my consent to any power structure that does not align with the principles of the American Republic.

To ensure the highest frequency accompanies my vote, I qualify it with the will of my authentic heart. I call upon the guidance and protection of the higher realms to be WITNESS to my WILL so to TESTIFY ON RECORD that my vote be counted not only in this physical realm, but the cosmic realms as well.

By calling in these higher frequencies, especially during this Full Moon, we can ensure that our vote is measured not only within the actual polls, but upon the cosmic polls balanced by the Scales of Justice; Justice to set the forces in alignment to our WILL, to withdraw consent to all that we do not align with, and to make testimony upon the Akashic Records of what we envision for America.

In voicing our choice, we INDEED take ownership of the conditions for which we choose to live in our country.

May the candidate that best aligns with our American Republic prevail!

Invocation for Cosmic Intervention

(from 11-1 broadcast)

We gather here this moment, individual representatives of We The People, with the blood of our ancestors flowing through our veins, individual expressions of the Supreme Being.

As such, we claim our power of command and make testimony that:

Our Will aligns with all that is of the highest and best outcome for the election of the next American president,

the outcome that ensures the Victory of America’s destiny as a sovereign republic, free from the corporate strictures placed upon Her;

the outcome that ensures the Victory of America’s ultimate freedom from debt and

statutory slavery;

the outcome that ensures the Victory of America’s rebirth into complete and total Liberty to experience an abundance of Life’s gifts and happiness;

the outcome  that ensures

Freedom from all that hinders the expression of one’s truth;

Freedom from all obstacles in the pursuit of the American Dream;

Freedom from  all corporate constructs that keep us enslaved;

Freedom from all illusion and fear that keeps us in bondage.

We gather here today to breathe LIFE into the words that guarantee the civil liberties within our American documents, The Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation, The Bill of Rights, The Constitution.

We call upon our personal ancestors whose strength and wisdom flows in our veins to lend us their foresight to guide our decision making and to guide the gears of the electoral process.

We call upon all those who make covenant with the people of the Earth –

We call upon the American hearts of our Founding Fathers and all past presidents who have stood for the founding principles of our nation, especially Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan.

We call upon all ascended patriots who love America to continue to hold the torch of Liberty on the other side of the veil so that our American Heart will be united as one American Heart Liberated and light the way into the next golden age. We call upon these figures to bear witness of the Will of the People and oversee its protection through to the highest ranks of government.

We call upon Beloved White Buffalo Calf Woman, the spirit of Sitting Bull, Chief Seattle, Crazy Horse, Geronimo and all the great warriors of the first-nations people to stand sentinel and protect the sanctity of the voting process. Guide our vote to the individual who will best align with the sovereignty of the Native American people. Guide our vote to the individual who will align with the respect for all individual Americans no matter their ethnic heritage. White Buffalo Calf Woman, smudge all the polling places around the country with your purifying smoke.

We call upon the Beloved Goddess of Liberty, The Angel of American Liberty, The Angel on Whose Crown Spells the Word Union, Beloved Saint Germain, Beloved Goddess of Justice, and all Cosmic, Angelic, Ascended Beings who advocate for the freedom of America and the Earth to stand witness at the polling centers across America.

Stand witness and record the true Will of We the People – individuals alive with the Flame of Liberty in our hearts – as we align our will with our votes during this American Presidential election.

Witness and record our vote as an extension of our will to withdraw consent to anything that betrays the honor and integrity of our American principals of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Secure all polling centers from any and all corruption and compel the will of the people up through the ranks of the electoral college for a fair and balanced outcome.

We call upon Beloved Goddess of Peace and all of her angels to blaze her Flame of Peace through the hearts and minds of all the people of America. Blanket the atmosphere of America with your Emerald Flame to quell any further conflict against the supporters of the next president of the United States, no matter the outcome.

We call upon Beloved Goddess of Justice to ensure the outcome of the election is balanced and true, measured and calibrated with Your most refined scales that uphold the great laws of our universe. Overlight the election outcome with Your perfect calibration to ensure that the next President is the individual most in harmony with these universal laws so that we too may enjoy the freedoms of the higher dimensions.

We insist and command that the TRUTH of all that must come forth about the honor and integrity of the presidential candidates be made known to the voters so that we may select the man who most fits all that we have called forth and more! We call upon Beloved Goddess Athena and Beloved Amazonia to clear the way of all such obstacles and protect the Truth from any further contamination or censorship.

By the power and authority of all that I AM, and by the power and authority of all who gather and participate in this call, I – we- decree it is so, and so it is!


Deep Breath