White Buffalo Calf Woman Medicine Blends with Liberty Codes

In preparing for the online gathering tomorrow, I began to feel the energy of White Buffalo Calf Woman come forth in my awareness. My interaction with her began yesterday while in the Sacred Fires.

I saw/felt her materialize around me from a smoke formation of a white buffalo. She was showing me how she was using the blanket of Cosmic Blue Liberty; She was taking up the energy and filling her pipe with it. She blew out around her a white cloud of purifying smoke upon the land, assisting in the work with Beloved Liberty.  I knew this revelation was a “suggestion” (from my Presence)  that I invite White Buffalo Calf Woman to join in the work with Goddess of Liberty in the gathering tomorrow. 

Today, I tuned into her energy even more; or rather, She tuned into me. 

As I stood before my window calling upon the Sacred Fires, I saw the serpent of my staff within the pixel-particles of my physical-etheric body form around my spine at my core.

I saw/felt White Buffalo Calf Woman take the head of that staff and stomp it several times within me. With each rise and fall of the staff, I could feel the cellular structure of my physicality gently shake. (Please know, that I felt only love during this whole experience. My Presence would have never allowed any Being that is not of the Highest Order of Love-Light to enter my Consciousness so intimately if an exchange of Willingness had not already been consummated) 

This happened for about 2 minutes. My heartbeat and my breath move so fast that it causes me to hyperventilate. Waves of breathy-air and love-light beam through me as She gathers the medicine within my center. Bright flashes of golden-white light pulse from me, far far beyond my physical space.

Once she shook the snake free from the staff of my center,  the snake stretched into her hand. She placed it in the Blanket of Blue fire upon America. The alchemy, the humility, the potency, the transmutation, the wisdom of the snake multiplied itself into the blanket. While she swept her hand back and forth through the blue blanket of fire, she speaks a sentence and silently emotes a longer message within it: 

“The council-fire of your heart has compelled me to come forth” You have had the humility of the snake, your belly to the ground, burrowing deep into the darkness with only the will of love to propel you forward, with only the direction of wisdom to guide you, even when you have doubted yourself. No feet, no hands, only sheer, determined love, that is the love of a serpent warrior. The love that gets intimate with the ugly, takes it, and purifies it with the power of transmutation, the manufacture of anti-venom from venom because you had the courage to swallow the dark and smother it with the light of your heart flame. This is what has protected you from the villainous energy you have digested. This is why you carry serpent medicine. 

Her message rolled through me as she collected the blue blanket of fire into her pipe. She blew it out, and the serpent appeared in a white cloud above her. A giant, great bald eagle flew in the sky and the serpent cloud wrapped around the eagle. They merged as one, anew. 

Now, a winged serpent, this eagle-serpent became like a dragon, breathing out the fire of Liberty, the Cosmic blue flame of liberty. It flew all around the United States, blazing its breath upon the land, purifying and igniting the land with Liberty and Freedom. When complete in its work, 

White Buffalo Calf Woman took her pipe and inhaled the flying cloud serpent back into her lungs and heart. She became one with the creature and flew off into the distance, a trail of stars behind her fell to the Earth. 

From these stars, Beloved Goddess of Liberty rises from the Blanket of Cosmic Blue Fire, right hand rising from the fiery soil like the Lady of the Lake, holding the torch of Liberty, igniting the geometry of the Liberty Codex. Liberty stood like the trunk of the Tree of Life, her torch pulsing Liberty through the tree, the limbs all interlaced with the Liberty Codex/Architecture above North America. Blossoms of the Tree fly across the globe and land upon all of the countries of the world. 

Once this vision subsided, I sat to play my bowl. I could still feel the Presence of WBCW and the First Nations Elders. I could see and feel the faces of the ancients looking at me from a starry backdrop. I looked down as I chanted and I saw sparkling stars leap from my bowl as I played, and I heard them call me “She Sings the Stars” I smiled in honor and gratitude to be witnessed in this way. 

With the sincerest of hearts, I am ever so grateful to have been blessed with a Being such as White Buffalo Calf Woman, and I look forward to working with her even more frequently alongside the Goddess of Liberty to liberate, Liberate, LIBERATE America FREE from all corrupt tyranny! If we can muster our courage and claim our sovereign power back, we will have the heavens behind us! God Bless America!