“‘I can’t breathe.’ Finding Your Breath in a Suffocating Society”

I’ve been wading thorough a deep, collective energy of outer-world influence but not even realizing the effects of the most recent restrictions have had on my well-being.

This mask-wearing. The shaming for not wearing one. This “I can’t breathe” statement. This overwhelming inundation of lies. The even more disturbing truth. The sense of financial doom. The riots over which lives matter most. All of this uncertainty. All of it  has been a suffocating force upon my psyche, upon my well-being. As I’m sure it has for you. 

Remember when you were a kid playing in the pool making bets as to who could hold his/her breath the longest? That was all fun and games because we could still reach the bottom of the pool, the water was clear and you could see your friend smiling under the water with you, bubbles escaping his nose, and you knew that you could pop up at any time to get your breath again. 

Well, this time, this collective dive has taken us into waters that aren’t so clear and  rather dark, where the bottom has collapsed beneath us,  and our friend(s) have disappeared. These dark waters are the suffocating energetics of fear and loss that we wade through, trying to find our breath once again. 

These suffocating circumstances are meant to diminish our life-force ever so slowly. A little leak of Liberty here, a little leak of Freedom there, a little leak of Justice over there. Like a slow leak on a tire, we drive around unaware of the seepage until one day the tire is completely flat and we can’t move forward any longer without attending to the tire. But if you find yourself flattened by these dark energies, how are you to move forward?  

You become amphibious. Spiritually amphibious. 

Becoming spiritually amphibious means inhaling the simple blessings around you and allowing them to nourish you despite feeling the suffocation of outer world chaos. Breathe through your skin the gifts of the air and sunlight upon it. Open your pores to receive a breath of a windy kiss and allow it to nourish you, even for a moment. 

Becoming spiritually amphibious means knowing when you need to “come up for air” from wading in the dark waters of evil discovery upon your path to Truth. 

Spiritually amphibious means taking that Sacred Breath with you into those dark waters as you continue to experience the suffocating effects of the world around you while having the ability to breathe through the experience fully, alchemizing all the toxins from your system with the highly attuned apparatus of Conscious Awareness. 

You achieve this by nurturing that Fire inside your heart, that eternal Life Force that connects you to Source. Make space in the Silence and allow the Holy Spirit of Sophia-Christ to breathe you. As you inhale, feel  the resplendent aroma It offers you. Let It wrap around you and replenish you, nurture your cells through an exchange of Love-Light. Let it envelop you in a protective shield from the toxins around you. 

Sink into a more fulfilling respiration beyond the physical that allows even a diminished cycle of breath to be even more nourishing than a physical one. Taking deep, deliberate breaths of Sacred Fire visualization allows the physical cells to become nourished with a more refined, rarified air of your Spirit. 

Re/spir/ation :

again /spirit /the state of

Remember to return to your Spirit, to your Life-Source, to your Center again and again to inhale and exhale the air of your Mighty I AM Presence, the Sophia-Christ of Divinity and allow It to nurture you. Empower this spiritual breath through visualization. Connect your physical breath to the spiritual alchemy of what Source has to offer. 

Breath is Prana. Breath is Life Force. Don’t let the sinister powers that try to suffocate you with all the fear mongering and unconstitutional mandates take your breath. Don’t let their toxins clog your pores, your lungs, your mind , or your will to continue to be victorious and sovereign from their bondage. Don’t fall prey to the fear that they inject into your daily consumption of information; rather, stand firm in the truth that Love is truly the most fulfilling breath one can inhale. 

For those who have connected the dots to see the plan materializing around us, and for those who feel the invisible hands of the sinister forces that try to strangle this Prana from us, I say to the insidiousness- 

I CAN BREATHE! I can breathe despite your suffocation.


I CAN BREATHE the SPIRIT within me, through me, and all around me. 



I am a Free-Thinker, and a Free-Breather, and if you can’t breathe, then I will breathe for you. 

I respire Love for a world suffocating in fear.

I will purify and alchemize the air around me through my skin, my lungs, my heart and breathe into an inflatable raft so that you might find passage out of the murky waters that drown you. 

I will wipe the mud from my eyes, take a deep breath,  and dive deep again and again until the water is clear once more. One day soon we will find each other holding our breath while playing rather than suffering. 

I can’t wait to see those bubbles escape your smiling face once again, my friend! 

To my fellow, spiritually amphibious divers, may we gather our collective Love-Light and replenish our breath every day in the Unified Field that binds us. Together, we WILL breathe through the birthing of the Next Golden Age!

Sacred Fire Love from your Patriotic Priestess!