An Unfolding Plan for Liberty

My friends, I am compelled to share the initial consummation of the Liberty Codes for America in the heart of the world, Chicago. I hope the story inspires you to live in the mystery and wonder of your innate, divine guidance system, called intuition.

Memorial Weekend, downtown Chicago, 2019 –

So the time had finally come that I would gather with my fellows in Chicago, and I was so very excited to spend time in a new city  and to have real heart-connection visits with my Soul Sisters. Luckily, the details of traveling the large bowl and grail worked themselves out, thanks to online shopping. 

I found a travel case suited for TWO crystal bowls, a ten inch and an 8 inch, which just so happen to fit my grail perfectly! With a little extra padding of some fabric I had, bowl and grail were all tucked in neatly in the travel case; now hopefully it would fit in the overhead!

I had to travel with my largest suitcase so that I could fit “Liberty’s Blessings” quilt in with all my clothes.

This was not ideal, but sometimes it’s necessary to “hump it” a little to honor what Presence requires us to do. The night before I left for my flight, I received : you must play at 5:55 pm.

At this point, one just salutes and follows instructions from on high. “Got it”

As circumstances would have it, I arrived before my large suitcase did, so I killed some time waiting for it to arrive on the following flight, and to greet my beloved sister, Samantha, at the airport. I really wanted to be there waiting for her, since she was flying in all the way from the U.K.! We finally found each other in the crowd and made our usual squeals of joy in greeting one another. I know I looked a little strange meeting her for our short visit with my giant suitcase in hand… “I can explain…”

We spent a delightful evening catching up in a nearby “Rose” hotel; we were even chauffeured around by a super helpful shuttle driver who presented us  each with a rose! We had  way too much fun the next day shopping the Memorial Day sales at the mall, but the time was approaching for our event to start, so we had to once again collect our things and head to the downtown hotel venue. The travel there would not be a rosy one, however. 

The shuttle dropped us both at the train station and my trek with a large purple suitcase, a purple “ottoman”instrument case, and a large, pink “personal item” began. Samantha looked so light and breezy with her tiny stuffed case, while I looked like a burka hauling all this around. Trying to get through the ticket stall with the revolving metal arm began the humorous trek. The ticket lady just smirked her eyes and let me through her gate when she saw all that I carried. Finding a spot on the train that would accommodate the space I needed eventually opened up, but the punchline wouldn’t present itself until we finally got off at our stop. 

We calculated what seemed to be the closest stop to our hotel while riding downtown. I took in the sights of Chicago from the train; it looked just as scary as I imagined it. 

Rusty, old, run down apartment buildings with some graffiti, buildings with those fire escapes like you see in movies, and only a few flashes of pleasant color against the drab line of old decrepit buildings that dominated the scene. As we got closer to the down town center, the view outside ceased, however. Our stop was upon us, and we hoped our walk wasn’t too far to the hotel. 

Though I was looking outside a moment ago,  we were now under the street and had to make our way to the surface; this required finding an escalator. Sammy took my instrument case to help me ease my load and I followed her  down a very skinny, dirty walkway near the subway tracks to the nearest escalator, but it was out of service. So we walked (I humped) a seemingly tricky passageway to the next escalator near our  intersection,  which was also NOT working. “Oh no!” I groaned. 

I looked up at the tall “staircase to heaven” that the broken escalator now seemed to morph into. I situated my bags as best I could, and I got a good grip on my suitcase and hauled it up on my right side and stacked the pink bag on the suitcase. I tried to focus on not destroying the plastic wheels at the bottom of my heavy suitcase. 

The outside sleeve of my pink bag was designed to keep it atop a larger suitcase, but all the bumping of the luggage made it slide off and get dragged along as well. With each BANG of this suitcase, I could just feel the buffets of my Statue of Liberty packed inside. 

“Sorry, Liberty,” I grimaced.

 “Yes, sorry Liberty, ” Samantha added in her proper accent. “We are almost to the top.”

“Finally!,” I exhaled. 

The intersection was a bit farther a walk than appeared on the map, however.  As the fates would have it, a taxi cab happened to pass us only a moment after we birthed ourselves from the steely grip of  escalator teeth. His eagle-eye must have noticed the scene of disheveled bewilderment and luggage standing on the corner, newly delivered out  the bowels of  Chicago.

“Look, there’s a cab. I think he saw us!” 

He pulled over at a busy street and loaded us up despite the traffic. WIth grateful hearts and sighs or relief, we gave him our destination, “Chicago Intercontinental, please.” Little did I realize, that the address was also carrying “5” frequency…505 Michigan Ave. Here’s where the magic begins….

We arrive at our hotel, and we are offered, and accepted an upgrade to room 5 of the 31st floor. I’m to play at 5:55 (not sure what day but played each day at that time).  So, we are in physical space of three fives, with the address and the room, and three fives of time-space. Cool! I finally debut to Samantha the song at 5:55 in our hotel room, but it wasn’t until later the orchestration of something larger began to emerge. 

That evening, Sammy had been giving me quizzical looks, her stylish bob bouncing on her head with every turn of her head as she investigated the area around her chair. “Do you feel that? It’s like a draft is coming up from the floor or something.” 

I nodded my head, “No.”

 She just returned  to listening to the transmission intently and tried to ignore the sensation she had been feeling. At the end of Her discourse, Mother’s Presence announced that the “Great Convergence of Love” would happen on Saturday (the next day). The [Heart}Flame of the world would come up and into each of our hearts and then into the American people, and all the people of the world.  We were all very excited to hear this! Neither Sammy or I had any clue that this would be revealed!  At break time, Sammy added,” I felt this weeks ago! I felt the flame of the world come up and join with my heart flame during my  prayers!” 

Come Saturday, after sitting in long transmissions for the day, Sammy still feeling the “breeze” beneath her, I returned to my room at 4:18 pm to prepare to play at the appointed time. It was nice to actually have a private moment upstairs and really see Chicago without any distraction of luggage in hand.  From that high, the city was very pretty. I meditated, and completed my Sacred Fire purification ritual before I pulled out the instrument and quilt. 

I laid the quilt out on the floor in front of the bed, and positioned the bowl, grail, and myself in the center. I played an entire set before the appointed time to make up for a lost day of travel. I began the second set just before 5:55 to be sure to have the energies well underway at the right time. 

As I played this second set, I could FEEL and SEE a WIND coming up from my bowl! 

I began to see light strands and geometries appear up from the bowl and all around me. Right as the song finished, a huge five-pointed star glistened above the bed in the room, sparkling like white fireworks along its edges. Just then, Samantha “breezed” in as the last ring was finishing its waft through the room. 

“Could you hear it out there?” I smiled

“Yeah,” she nodded. 

“You’ve got some pink on your face.”

“Oh, do I? It was Mother’s ascension anniversary, so Liam brought pink frosted cupcakes and some pink champagne for everyone to celebrate.”

“Oh, fun!” Though I missed on the festivities, I knew I was right were I needed to be.

I shared with Samantha what I  saw as I played, and we both used the evening to catch up with other attendees. It was only the next day the rest of the magic began to reveal itself. 

Samantha woke the next morning somewhat abruptly, but quite coherent for just opening her eyes out of a long sleep. 

“I see what was happening now!” Her sleep-time helped her to put together the two pieces that we played at 5:55. 

“After you left, Kimmy began a song interlude, and everyone was getting up to dance and move around, but my body would NOT let me get up! My feet were stuck to the floor and I felt that wind growing all around me. I could see this pinky-violet flame coming up around me as I was planted to the spot until it had enveloped everyone in the room and the room itself. I could see that it was moving upwards, but I didn’t realize it was moving right up to you until just now! I was holding it at the bottom, and you were here at the top, pulling it up!”

When she said that, I instantly felt the truth of what she said in my heart. “Oh my God, yes!” Then, I could see again the wave of wind moving up through the quilted geometries, connecting to the white, pink, and blue light strands spinning around like cotton candy emitting from the bowl. “That’s what I was feeling and seeing when I played yesterday!” 

We revisited some of the earlier details and underscored what her sleep state revealed to her. A quick sharing with Shelby would reveal another fun piece. 

During one of the breaks, I told Shelby why I had to leave yesterday, and that I had to be playing at 5:55. He chuckled and said, “That’s funny. Russ came up to me and asked what time it was and I looked down at my phone, and it was 5:55!” The rest of the cosmic design began to come together during my visit with Grace, who hosted our event. 

As always happens at these events, time with fellows are never long enough. Sam and I stayed at Kathy’s house on Sunday night, and had a delightful day the Monday. Grace met us at Kathy’s so she could get Sam to the airport and have just a sliver of time to visit with her. We set our sister off with big hugs and well wishes, but my heart was already aching from missing her. Thankfully, my visit with Grace eased the blow a little bit. 

I had been slightly revealing what had been coming forth in working with the Goddess of Liberty, and we now had our private time where I could share it. I played for her, and I could see her heart expanding with the song. Afterward, I shared the details of when I had to play, and she had HER part of the pattern to share. 

“Oh my God, Celeste, Shelby said it was 5:55 when Russ asked him what time it was? That’s when we were doing our toast with the champagne! “

Earlier, she shared how disappointed she was that none of the transmissions that came through even mentioned again the “Great Convergence of Love” that happened on Saturday. 

“But it DID happen!”

“Liam had asked me to come up and stand in for the student body, but I didn’t want to, but I kept hearing – kept getting the repeating message – it has to be you. So I went up and made the toast, and when I heard the “ping” of the glass, tears began to fill my eyes. I knew something big had just happened, but I didn’t know what!,” she beamed her usual sunshine smile.

 “I can see now, the toast of the champagne glass and the tap on your grail were working in unison! It was the three of us that were opening portal of the Great Convergence behind the scenes!”

“Just as Magdalene’s do! Behind the scenes!” I added in wonderment of hearing this new piece.

 As she described the rest of her perspective, I could SEE the fireworks of Love coming up and out, exploding all around the top of the unique building (with a bulbous top, meant to land zeppelins!), as Grace was describing. The Great Convergence of Love was coming out of Heart of the World to bless America through the triangulation that Samantha, Grace, and I were holding! Without Grace, there wouldn’t have BEEN an event! 

We both marveled at the wonderful mystery and magic that had transpired, and like two little school girls, we visited until we couldn’t keep our eyes open any longer.

I fell into my sleep, deeply humbled, grateful, and amazed at the cosmic calculations bringing us all together and compelling us to do our part all along. Grace, creating physical space, and chiming in the convergence, Sammy anchoring the heart-flame at the base while I played the tune for America at the top. 

The three of us creating sacred triangulation without intellectually having awareness what the other is doing until AFTER it comes together, THAT is sacred alchemy at work.

Truly, the power of heart-connection and soul group began to deepen in me.

In all of us. 

With a heart full of inspiration and wonder, I continue to take up the gauntlet given me. Little did I know just how important it would be in 2020.

May the Flame of Liberty expand through the Liberty Codes materializing in the atmosphere today and continue to expand in every heart, for one collective American Heart Liberated!