Hello, Beloved Patriots!

A couple of you may have already received an email invite, but I thought it more expedient to write a quick blog post reminder about the online event I am hosting at the American Heart Liberated Facebook Page.

We will gather as co-creators to anchor the Liberty Code cymatic architecture that holds within it the purity and highest vision for America to Liberate all bondage placed on the people.

This work came forth last year and has been incubating in the ethers, but I’ve received clear instruction that NOW is the time for public release. Now is the time for all those who are inspired to participate to come together and lend their will and intent to ignite the Liberty Flame for our collective American heart!

Please view my video invitation and visit the Facebook link if you are so inclined to join your heart in holding the highest vision for America!

Sacred Fire LOVE!!💕


Here is the link to the FIRST event! 🗽https://www.facebook.com/events/637199480339620/?active_tab=discussion

UPDATE JUNE 12, 2020 –

Here is the SECOND event invitation! I hope you are inspired to join us!