Crashing a New Course toward Freedom

Like a passer-by on the highway who can not help but look at the wreckage on the road, I find myself checking various independent news updates each day. And, like the shock one feels witnessing a twisted, mangled knot-of-a-car, the impact of events smack my awareness into a strange other-worldly disbelief. Only, the wreckage I witness each day is not that of an unfortunate stranger, but that of my beloved country.

The engine of destruction against the Constitution races full speed ahead to mangle our god-given liberties as cognizant, flesh-and-blood men and women. Those who see the looming impact try to warn the soon-to-be victims, honking horns and flashing lights, but all such efforts are in vain. The impact of the wreckage takes the lives of the victims and forever changes the lives of those who witness the calamity. 

That moment in time, where slivers of glistening glass, wrinkling metal and screeching rubber elongate into that eternal, imminent fractal of time-space, where the cacophony is still silent because the reality of the situation has not settled…

That is the moment before us now

the moment of the suspended fallout before the imminent crash.

Those of us who are not asleep at the wheel see this semi truck heading straight for us. Each legislative mandate “to protect our health” a foot on the accelerator with which we will be creamed. The distancing, the isolation, the masking,  – all are the newest advertisements on its trailer, hauling a load of corrupt vaccinations, “house resolutions” and judgements in its hull. Some will veer away from the path of this deadly payload, but others will lay mangled beneath. The survivors of this engine of destruction will be left to manage the resulting carnage upon this road of perdition. 

Do you see it, brother? Do you feel it, sister?

Will you avoid the blinding impact ahead in enough time to collapse that eternal moment?

Will you capture the dandelion fragments of that flash point upon the expanse and make a new wish for freedom? 

As divine, creator beings, we still have the power to harness our will and steer a new course for ourselves, for our country, for our world!

Please join me in for an online event at the American Heart Liberated Facebook page where we will call upon and focus our will and intent to be free of our personal and social bondage. We will utilize our personal power and intent to call upon the Sound Codices of Liberty for personal and national freedom. Together, we will encode and anchor the Blessings of Liberty within our individual and collective American heart.

Please set aside approximately 55 minutes for our meeting, which will include cymatic sound geometry, guided decree, and guided meditation.



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We The People

Let us not feel disempowered by fear-mongering propaganda. Let us, instead, stand fearless and sovereign in our divinity, for such frequency is unpalatable to the insidious vampires that seek to steel our lives. Together, we will give testimony to the cosmos that our hearts do bear the Flame of Liberty and exact our Freedom!

Sacred Fire Love,

Celeste Sophia, Aquarianpriestess369